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Mental training


One of the main reasons why I made the Tips section is to share the knowledge I learned from studying about sports. There are so many physical skills related materials on the internet but not so much about mental skills. Mental skills are as important as physical skills or perhaps more.

Here is an interesting experiment I found. "In the 1980 Olympics the Russians used this technique. They split their athletes into four groups: Groups A through D. Group A used 100% traditional physical practice; Group B 75% physical 25% mental; Group C, 50% physical - 50% mental and Group D was 75% mental and 25% physical practice. After the Moscow Olympics and the Lake Placid Olympics these world class athletes scores were tallied and those in Group D had won the most medals."

I am certainly not trying to say that we need to focus more on the mental part but focus both equally. I have developed my own way to address both areas in training. I am going to start writing more posts about both mental and physical training materials. Please keep your eye on my website for more update.


Read, J. L. (n.d.). THE POWER OF IMAGINATION. Retrieved July 25, 2017, from

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